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Always Checkers Publishing - TTRPGs by Jason Price



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NOTORIOUS is a sci-fi tabletop roleplaying game for one player.

The Game

Play to tell stories of the Nomads; notorious bounty hunters who strike fear among the scum and villainy of the universe and follow the dubious code of the Nomad's Guild.

In the midst of an intergalactic war, you'll take on a lucrative contract from one of six factions. The job is simple: bring the target back, dead or alive—no disintegrations.

But your presence won’t go unnoticed. 

Your growing reputation also attracts a series of hostiles. Suspicious locals who simply don’t like you (and their friends might not either), rival Nomads or faction agents working against you.

Survive these encounters and face off against your elusive target. Finish the job and receive credits and infamy, or fail to live up to the code and face the consequences.


  • a simple but engaging solo roleplaying system, inspired by Ronin; just two six-sided dice are used to roll on tables, test for actions and resolve combat
  • two ways to play; fast-playing ARCADE MODE for quick action, or relaxed STORY MODE for journalling fans
  • six Nomad profiles; the ARMOUR, BOT, ASSASSIN, BRUTE, SCOUNDREL or UNCANNY
  • random tables, planet profiles and character generators, to help inspire your story and encourage replays
  • one-shot adventures or anthology stories; epilogues let you end your game or continue your Nomad's tale

The zine is a full-colour, 76-page, A5 wiro-bound booklet with copper foiling on the cover. I'll email you with an download key for all the digital files. 

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