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A Complicated Profession zine & PDF

A Complicated Profession zine & PDF

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What do bounty hunters do when the galaxy no longer needs them? In A Complicated Profession, they start new careers hosting intergalactic cruises!

The Game

A Complicated Profession is an ENNIE-nominated, light-hearted sci-fi TTRPG for 3 to 5 players. It's a one-shot that usually lasts a few sessions.

Play to reunite a disbanded crew of bounty hunters, jaded sidekicks, shabby droids and shady accomplices. Then pick a hosting role and start a new life together. 

 Instead of having a traditional GM, everyone plays as their own crew member (or sometimes a passenger!), taking turns to choose events and be the lead player.

Everyone starts with two player sheets - their old hunter role and their new host role. Players gradually leave behind their past life as they play, giving up their old name, possessions and skills.

Every game is unique due to:

  • a choice of 8 hunter roles and 8 host roles (64 combinations!)
  • a menu of 9 themed event playbooks, playable in any order
  • player-created ship assets your team are rewarded for using
  • randomly generated contracts and passengers


Players just need to provide 3 six-sided dice and a deck of playing cards. 


 The zine is a fully illustrated, 64-page, A5 staple-bound booklet. 
I'll also email you with an download key for all the digital files. 


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